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I Don’t want to be judged, on my ability to multitask.

Yes, I can walk and chew gum, just don’t ask me to walk in step and chew gum. I like to think that I can do more than one thing at a time, but the truth is I can’t. And is multitasking a good thing? When you are doing more than 1 things at the same time, you are dividing your focus.  Research shows the brain is actually more efficient when focusing on one task at a time. 1 And if you want to give 100 percent, you have to focus like a laser. Let me say up front that drinking beer and watching football, is not multitasking.

There are times when your focus can be less laser-like. That is when the purpose is just to have fun like the example above. But get this. Focusing like a laser on your fun… wow, that’s what you call a, “win-win.”  2

Although there’s a lot of laughing going on when I do a keynote, I’m not a comedian.  And although people have told me they have been motivated by what I say, that is not my goal. My goal is to keep the audience engaged, by that I mean, keeping them from using a handheld device.

As a speaker it can be distracting, animated bodies just typing away. I preferred the good old days when people just went to sleep. They would simply check out. Today, people have found that they can check out and still check in to just about anything.

Whether it’s God, or evolution, intelligent design, or alien DNA, we were not given opposable thumbs so we could tweet.

I’ve had people tell me that, they’re actually tweeting to their followers how good I was.   Really?  You don’t worry that if you are tweeting about something funny or profound I just said, you might miss the next funny or profound thing I say?

“Oh, I can do both.” People say they can pay attention to everything I say while they type in what I just said, with comment, to their followers.  Even if you use very inventive shorthand, the motor skills needed to type 40 characters has got to take some of your focus capacity, thus dividing your focus.

There are those living amongst us with a higher brain function.  They are able to process more, multitasking for them is easy. But usually the people with these gifts keep it secret. Most who say they can do both are just trying to show off.

I Don’t want to be judged, on my ability to multitask. At my age, I have trouble doing one thing right.


•         Focusing on Fun is really fun
•         Our thumbs have a higher purpose
•         Focus like a laser.

If you “Focus like a laser,” you can achieve just about anything. 3 Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You can’t fail at something that much and continue to work and not be focused, unless you’re high or something.

.1 Research shows the brain is actually more efficient when focusing on one task at a time. And there is research that suggests that we can do 2 things but not three. For example, someone who is writing a report might be able to take on a second task, like checking e-mail, without losing their train of thought. But if that e-mail asked for a decision about something, that would amount to a third task, and the brain would be overwhelmed.
.2 Focus is one of the simple tools in the F-Factor
.3 There is no real scientific proof of this statement.

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