Nothing says, “Happy Birthday America,” more than Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The 1812 Overture is the perennial favorite to close a fireworks displays world wide. But for a 4th of July celebration?  Couldn’t they find something by George M. Cohan?   I really think they should have ended on the Stars and Stripes which had a finale feel to it.

The whole day past with patriotic images and music. 50 service men and women held a gigantic American flag in the shape of the 48 contiguous states. It was magnificent!

Although a better music choice could have been made, I have to say it was a great finish.  And I guess they couldn’t play “Yankee Doodle Dandy” in a stadium in Georgia.

Here’s a video from last year’s fireworks display. This year they had the same ending but it was in the rain.
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Is your desire to be liked, followed or connected, driving you to make some poor choices?

Do you say, “Yes” to all friend and connection requests? How many of your “friends” on facebook would you actually recognize if you saw on the street?  How many connections do you have on LinkedIn because you accepted a connection based on that person’s status with people you already knew? And when you accept that friendship or make that connection, do you know what/who you’re getting?

Recently I got a request to connect with someone on LinkedIn.  There was a very impressive list of people I knew who had already connected with this man. And yes, I do have friends who are well known and respected in the speaking industry.  Well, if this guy is good enough for this, CSP and that CPAE (designations of distinction from the National Speakers Association) he should be good enough for me.

But then I looked at his company name, “EF.” (I’m using “EF” instead of the actual name) Okay now I’m curious. I go to the person’s profile page and see that “EF”, “provides creative products and services so couple can discover and enjoy new experiences of erotic ecstasy.” That seems like an admirable goal.  But I couldn’t see many of the people who had connected to the CEO of this company having a real interest. Did they even look at his logo?

Looking at what groups a person belongs to can give you further insight into that persons interests.  This man was a member of: Adult Entertainment Group, Adult Industry Professionals and Fetish Anything and Everything! Are you still anxious to “connect” with this person?  Not that there is anything wrong with that. But do you want all of your business connections to know?

The Bada Bing Philosophy teaches us to take time to do the research. It only takes 45 seconds to see what a person does and what their interests are. Are they in line with your interests?  All I have to do is see that a potential friend on facebook is inspired by Brittany Spears, deal breaker.

Social Networking or Social Disease?

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I realize now I forgot to post my second video with my impressions of the NSA UNconfernce in Atlanta, GA.  I also would be remiss if I did not mention the two women who’s brain-child this was. Although many people are involved with putting on an event like this, Gina Schreck and Neen James are to be commended for chairing this spectacular event.

The video is posted here along with my thoughts as I wrote them out.

The best part about any NSA event is the people you see.  Your old friends, the new ones you meet and walking around the halls are the NSA Legends.

We all have our role models, those people who we emulate.  The people who we see on the platform and you say to yourself, when I grow up I want to be just like them. Most professional speakers I know today became speakers because they saw someone somewhere giving a presentation and said to themselves, “I could do that!”

You often hear speakers compare themselves to more well known speakers. “I’m the Steve Spangler of Math. I take numbers and blow them up, exponentially.”

Me, I’m the Larry Wingett of Social networking. I call it Vinny’s Anti social networking” It’s not Facebook, it’s InYourFacebook, not linked in, it’s tapped out. And it’s MYSpace. Your space is over there somewhere.

So here are the greats of NSA walking those halls. And at the end of the day I look in the mirror and I realize I’m no Mark Sanborn. Even if I didn’t age another day, Mark will always look better and younger than me.

And forget about being Scott McKain.  That guy is so smooth, and a voice like fine cognac.  He did a session called, “What I know Now.”  And you figure Scott has got to know a lot, because they gave him an hour and a half. I could never be Scott McKain or even Scott Halford. But, I could be Scott Friedman.

Now there’s a role model for you.

The UNconference got it’s official start Friday night with the OPENING GENERAL SESSION:  Scott Ginsberg and Matt Church.  I’ve already said a lot about Scott, but one thing sticks out about his keynote. He said, “Are you smoking what you’re selling?” I had to think about that for a moment, was that a metaphor?  If so the answer is yes. If it’s not a metaphor the answer is … yes.

Matt Church also presented at the opening session. Glad there was a description in the program because I had a hard time understanding him. Had some sort of strange accent.  Turns out he’s from Australia, so English is a second language for him.

He said as world-class speakers we create moments of magic that ripple across the planet. Whoa? Obviously he’s never seen me speak. I get a ripple, but it doesn’t get much further than the second row.

But he ran the Thought Leadership intensive track. I had to do a session in the room next to his.  Loud music, people cheering and I’m pretty sure the hotel wouldn’t let them do a firewalk, but it sounded like Matt was walking or water. People drifted out of his session in a daze.  At 5:15 Saturday, I’m already on my second drink and there’s a group of people huddled around Matt’s Church, hanging onto his every word. So now I’m getting a better idea of what a ripple is all about.

They had his Kia Bar.  “Know It All.”  I don’t think anyone person knows it all but there were plenty of people  threre who knew a lot about stuff. My 2 minutes with Lois Creamer was worth the price of admission. She is big on positioning statements and she gave me a beaut.  “I work with organizations that want a program with now redeeming value, bullet points or key Strategies.”  That’s me.

Sam Horn in her program said the 2 most important words are, “for example.” Se from there you can go into your pitch that pops.  “For Example.”  I always thought the 2 most important words were, “Not Guilty.”

Had a Social Media Intensive from 9:00 to 5:00 with sub tracts Yellow belt, or Black Belt. But no Belt of Scotch, I might of signed up. See when I get social, I like to use more than my thumbs.

I never really got into this Web 2.0. I never got past Web 1.7.4.  I was happy when the internet was just porn. But everyone today is wired, big deal when I was growing up I was always wired.  Besides, when your grandmother has a facebook page, It’s time to move on.

Do you know what is the most frequent text message I get? “Call me.” What’s up with that? You text me to tell me to call you when all you had to do was pickup the phone and call me.  No, you had already picked up the phone.  All you had to do was punch in a couple numbers, because if I’m not in your speed-dial or your favorites, you have no business calling me.

And I’m sorry but, tweeting, just sounds like something I shouldn’t be doing. And I don’t want nobody following me.

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Here’s my latest blog post as seen on YouTube.

Updated by Vinny Verelli
Funny Keynotes and Hilarious Conference Summaries.

Last weekend I attended the NSA UnConference in Atlanta GA.  An UnCoference is exactly like a regular conference only different.  It’s like other conferences in as much as people pay money learn stuff, stay in a hotel for 3 days and hope the chicken isn’t too tough.  Everything at this UNconference was unconventional and everything had an “UN” prefix.  There was the UNagenda, the UNparty …even 33% of the people attending the Jewish Prayer service weren’t Jewish, you know, UNcircumcised.

Now the NSA, of which I am a proud member, is the National Speakers Association.  Imagine a room with over 300 professional speakers. Try to get a word in. But I saw some old friends made some new ones and learned and awful lot.  There were 2 intensives tracks to choose from as well as individual breakout sessions.

One of the tracks was this Thought Leadership.  Sounded too much like multitasking to me.  A can think, just don’t ask me to lead at the same time.

My favorite presenter was Scott Ginsberg. And not just because he is a close personal friend of mine, but because he’s so frickin good. He has all this great information and yet is very down to earth. A young guy, he’s like the Mark Zuckerberg of branding and approachability.

He wrote his first book when he was a senior in college.  Now 10 years later he’s got 12 books. I’m no wiz at math, but that’s almost a book per year.  I can’t read a book in a year.

He’s the kind of guy who, if you didn’t like him so much, you probably wouldn’t like him.  But, I love his attitude. He reminds me a lot of me if I were younger, cuter, and smarter.

You might not know the name but you probably know of him. He’s the guy who wears a name tag everywhere he goes, As of this taping he had gone 3,770 consecutive days wearing a nametag, 24/7. Wait a minute Vinny, what about when he’s in the shower? What about when he’s doing yoga? What about … don’t go there.  Turns out he’s got a nametag tattooed on his….  somewhere on his body. I’ve never asked to see it.

Scott says that writing is basis of all wealth, and Alan Weiss seemed to back that up during the closing panel discussion.  Weiss has written like 40 books! And UNlike so many other speakers with 40 books out there, people actually pay good money to read his books. He said Wealth isn’t the money you make but it’s the discretionary time you have. And he has a lot of time, and he eats out every night.  And he’s in great shape for a man his age. Must pay someone to get fat for him.

The panel discussed Image vs. Substance and it was the consensus that substance is more important.  That was a hard pill for me to swallow.  Just look at me.  I am the very definition of image. I never read Good to Great, but I can tell you first hand it is great when you look this good.

Then Molly Cox stated the obvious, “content is overrated.” Got a good laugh and people started tweeting. People were tweeting and re-tweeting the Funny stuff that’s because humor is so very important.  I always say, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” Plus, if you laugh at something you more likely to remember it.

The Sunday during the unConference happened to be  the 150th anniversary of the swearing in of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederacy.  The NSA UNconference Commemorated the event by doing nothing.  And we were in Atlanta at the fancy Leows Hotel which is just A Stone throw from Stone Mountain.

So what makes a single granite rock a mountain?  Teamwork.  Because Carved into the face of that mountain 400 feet above the ground, measures 90 by 190 feet, and is recessed 42 feet into the mountain are Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson, a remarkable team.

Hey “Vinny, wake up and smell the half-caff skim mocha latte, that was a loosing team.”  Don’t tell anyone around here that.  Half of these people think they won the war, the other half or them think the war still going on.

But I love the South, and especially the Southern women, they talk soft, and they talk real slow.  By the time they say no, it’s too late.

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I Don’t want to be judged, on my ability to multitask.

Yes, I can walk and chew gum, just don’t ask me to walk in step and chew gum. I like to think that I can do more than one thing at a time, but the truth is I can’t. And is multitasking a good thing? When you are doing more than 1 things at the same time, you are dividing your focus.  Research shows the brain is actually more efficient when focusing on one task at a time. 1 And if you want to give 100 percent, you have to focus like a laser. Let me say up front that drinking beer and watching football, is not multitasking.

There are times when your focus can be less laser-like. That is when the purpose is just to have fun like the example above. But get this. Focusing like a laser on your fun… wow, that’s what you call a, “win-win.”  2

Although there’s a lot of laughing going on when I do a keynote, I’m not a comedian.  And although people have told me they have been motivated by what I say, that is not my goal. My goal is to keep the audience engaged, by that I mean, keeping them from using a handheld device.

As a speaker it can be distracting, animated bodies just typing away. I preferred the good old days when people just went to sleep. They would simply check out. Today, people have found that they can check out and still check in to just about anything.

Whether it’s God, or evolution, intelligent design, or alien DNA, we were not given opposable thumbs so we could tweet.

I’ve had people tell me that, they’re actually tweeting to their followers how good I was.   Really?  You don’t worry that if you are tweeting about something funny or profound I just said, you might miss the next funny or profound thing I say?

“Oh, I can do both.” People say they can pay attention to everything I say while they type in what I just said, with comment, to their followers.  Even if you use very inventive shorthand, the motor skills needed to type 40 characters has got to take some of your focus capacity, thus dividing your focus.

There are those living amongst us with a higher brain function.  They are able to process more, multitasking for them is easy. But usually the people with these gifts keep it secret. Most who say they can do both are just trying to show off.

I Don’t want to be judged, on my ability to multitask. At my age, I have trouble doing one thing right.


•         Focusing on Fun is really fun
•         Our thumbs have a higher purpose
•         Focus like a laser.

If you “Focus like a laser,” you can achieve just about anything. 3 Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” You can’t fail at something that much and continue to work and not be focused, unless you’re high or something.

.1 Research shows the brain is actually more efficient when focusing on one task at a time. And there is research that suggests that we can do 2 things but not three. For example, someone who is writing a report might be able to take on a second task, like checking e-mail, without losing their train of thought. But if that e-mail asked for a decision about something, that would amount to a third task, and the brain would be overwhelmed.
.2 Focus is one of the simple tools in the F-Factor
.3 There is no real scientific proof of this statement.

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In Your Facebook

Funny motivational speaker, Vinny Verelli is starting the anti-social networking movement.  This clip was recorded at the 2010 NSA Georgia year end gala on August 20. The full text is in the previous post.  

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