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Someone had dropped the ball, but Daniel scooped it up and saved the day with laser-like focus on my needs.

Funny Speaker loves pizza

People + Pizza = Good Times

I’d planned a get together to celebrate 20 years of producing interactive mysteries in Atlanta.  The event was to take place following the last murder mystery Bacchus Productions was producing. I invited over 30 people to attend the late night party and had booked a private room. Or so I thought.

When I arrived at the Buckhead Pizza Company, several cast members from days gone by were already there catching up at the bar. I asked the bartender about the private room and she contacted the manager. There was a problem. A group of 15 people were still using that room. Daniel, the general manager, told me they were expecting us but I wasn’t in the books for the private room. I do not take bad news well and started to fume.

Smelling smoke, Daniel focused on the problem and jumped into action. There was an outside space (covered and heated as it was mid-December) that would hold up to 60 people. It would give us more room and would actually be better for us. If I’d give him 10 minutes he would set the space and crank up the heaters. My expectations were not high but what could I do?

Daniel, Fibi our server and several other staff members went about setting the room. I had a double Oban (14 yr old single malt) while cast members calmed me down .

Within 10 minutes the space was ready for us and our group that was growing moved into the back space.

A shout out to Daniel Bridges, Fibi and the other staff members of  the Buckhead Pizza Company who tuned what could have been a disaster (in my head) into an amazing night that I will remember for years to come. Daniel is my SEE™ (Service Exceeding Expectations) Winner for the month of December.

Funny Speaker with BMT

20 years of producing mysteries in Atlanta – A partial representation of cast members.

There is not a better place to get together with a large group of friends and family than a good pizzeria serving cold beer (or in my case Oban single malt scotch)


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