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Is your desire to be liked, followed or connected, driving you to make some poor choices?

Do you say, “Yes” to all friend and connection requests? How many of your “friends” on facebook would you actually recognize if you saw on the street?  How many connections do you have on LinkedIn because you accepted a connection based on that person’s status with people you already knew? And when you accept that friendship or make that connection, do you know what/who you’re getting?

Recently I got a request to connect with someone on LinkedIn.  There was a very impressive list of people I knew who had already connected with this man. And yes, I do have friends who are well known and respected in the speaking industry.  Well, if this guy is good enough for this, CSP and that CPAE (designations of distinction from the National Speakers Association) he should be good enough for me.

But then I looked at his company name, “EF.” (I’m using “EF” instead of the actual name) Okay now I’m curious. I go to the person’s profile page and see that “EF”, “provides creative products and services so couple can discover and enjoy new experiences of erotic ecstasy.” That seems like an admirable goal.  But I couldn’t see many of the people who had connected to the CEO of this company having a real interest. Did they even look at his logo?

Looking at what groups a person belongs to can give you further insight into that persons interests.  This man was a member of: Adult Entertainment Group, Adult Industry Professionals and Fetish Anything and Everything! Are you still anxious to “connect” with this person?  Not that there is anything wrong with that. But do you want all of your business connections to know?

The Bada Bing Philosophy teaches us to take time to do the research. It only takes 45 seconds to see what a person does and what their interests are. Are they in line with your interests?  All I have to do is see that a potential friend on facebook is inspired by Brittany Spears, deal breaker.

Social Networking or Social Disease?

Posted by: Funny Motivational Speaker Vinny Verelli

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